January 9, 2010


So glad to be home. It was a long trip this time - 32 hours! Drove through the night from Sumy, caught four planes - one of them barely! Several delays and a late arrival. So grateful to all of our family that was there. All of my children, Ray, and Aunt Lee-Ann and her kids. They are the best! So nice of Zhenya's friends to wait for us too. It meant a lot to him and to us. Looking forward to a wonderful year. Happy 2010!!! I guess Jesse had the camera going as we rounded the corner at the airport.

January 5, 2010


We are finally done all of our business. It is 4:30pm. Tues. afternoon. We are back at the hotel warming up and getting ready to go. We went to the bank this morning at 10:00, stayed a couple of hours and were told to come back in half an hour. We walked around ( in -24 degree cold) for about an hour and a half at the market. That was more than we could stand. We were so happy to have the market open after being closed since we got here. We grabbed some lunch at the pancake place. Marina and Zhenya chose it. I had not been there before. It was nice to get in from the cold for a while. We went back to the bank and waited some more, but finally got done. It was a long day. Zhenya is finally relieved and relaxed. We will now pack up and wait for Vlad to come get us. We will drive through the night, straight to the airport - and head for home! We will arrive late Wed. night. as scheduled. We think it would be great if anyone wants to come. People have asked if it's o.k.. YES IT'S OK. Just give the family a few minutes first, please. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!

January 4, 2010

Shut down for the Holidays!

Another day in Sumy. We are waiting for the bank to open tomorow so we can take care of our business there. They have so many holidays around here it is hard to know when things will be open. The market was closed because it is Monday, and it is always closed on Monday. Things will only be open Tues. and Wed. here, and then closed for the rest of the week. This is not the time to come if you want to get anything done. What should have taken 2-3 days is taking 7. That's Ukraine! I went with Marina to finish up some business at the orphanage. We are so bored that we decided to brave the freezing cold and go out for a walk to the city center. We know it's getting colder because everyday we cross the bridge over the river. At first the water was running freely. Each day it started to get more and more ice. Today when we crossed, it was almost completely frozen. And so were we I might add. We brought some bread to feed the pigeons. That was fun, and no we didn't get pooped on! The hotel we are at is nice and the people are great.

January 2, 2010

Just a few more for the kids from Sumy

I know everyone likes pictures, so here are a few more.

More Pics from Sumy

Saying good-bye!

Today we went back to the orphanage to say good-bye and drop off some treats and packages. A couple of the caretakers weren't there, so Zhenya and Jesse took off to see them. They live nearby. There are some very nice people there who really care about the kids. One of the caretakers told me that Zhenya suffered alot waiting for us. It was very hard on him she said. She asked if we were pleased with him. I told her, of course. He is a good boy with a very kind heart and caring disposition. She was very happy for him. Natasha and Yuri were happy to get their package, although Natasha didn't think she looked good enough for a picture. It was bitter sweet. Those who have been know it is hard to leave the other kids behind. Lucinda, I wasn't able to track down the music teacher either time we were there. Marina said she would try another day for me. Enough said for now. Enjoy the pictures.

December 31, 2009


I forgot to mention that little detail here. I posted it on facebook. Sorry for those of you who don't have facebook. The approval came the next day like we had hoped and the Embassy called to say everything was ready to be picked up. We stopped by the Embassy and within a few minutes - no joke, we were on our way with the Visa in hand. Yipeee! They couldn't have been nicer. We had our own little cheering section there I think!